User Guide

How to begin working with Free Media Converter?
After you started the application, take a look at the 'Getting Started' steps. The prorgam is so easy-to-use, that all instructions are described in 3 points. First of all, please choose an output profile (format) on the Output Settings section of the window. Just click on the combobox "Profile", and find required format among all available items. To simplify this task, all profiles are divided onto the categories: Common video formats, audio formats, HD formats and so on.For example, if you want to convert video to play on your iPod, move mouse on the "Apple" category item, then to the right - and choose one of the formats that is titled "iPod ...".

How to import media?
Then you can open your video and audio. There are 4 different types of media you can open: add video/audio files, load DVD, download online video, or record video yourself. Just click on one of the first 4 buttons on the toolbar. If you click on the first button "Add files", you have to browse and select the media files you want to open. The second button loads DVD content and lists video titles in the table. If you want to download and convert online videos - click the third button "Download". On the new window, click the "Add link" button and paste URL from the web browser, where the video is located. After all downloads are finished, click the "Add to Converter" button. And finally, you can record your own videos. Click the "Record" button and choose the source for recording. You can capture video from the screen (full or part), from webcam, and record audio. Your records will be added to the table for conversion to desired format.

How to edit data in table?
After you added the media, it will appear in the table. In order to remove, move up/down or rename selected items in the table, right click for popup menu. You will see a lot of operations available. Now look onto the left side of the table. There are checkboxes indicating which media items are set for conversion. If you don't want to process particular item, you have to uncheck it. Please note that after conversion all finished items will be automatically unchecked. So if you will decide to convert them again, you will have to re-enable the corresponding checkboxes.

How to edit/adjust media?
Select the item in the table and click one of the buttons on toolbar: "Trim", "Edit" or "Join" depending of your aim. If you want to clip video/audio , click "Trim". On the new window, move two triangles under the track bar, to defiine the Start and End points for conversion. If you need to crop video frame, or adjust picture, click the "Edit" button. On the new window, resize and drag the dotted rectangle to specify the area on the video frame. On the right Preview, you can see resulting video, how it will looks like after conversion. Here you can also adjust contrast, brightness and saturation of the movie. And finally, the last available editing option is "Join". If you click on this button, all final video/music files will be merged after conversion into the continuous media file.

How to start conversion?
Look at the default output directory. All converted files will be saved there. Do you have enough of free space? To change this directory, click the small "..." button near the "Output folder" text field. When you are ready, simply click the "Convert" button on the tool bar to begin conversion. You will see the progress bars on the Status column of the table, indicating the progress of conversion. The number of trackbars is the number of simultaneous tasks. This depends of the number of cores in your processor. To pause, resume or stop the process, use the corresponding buttons on the toolbar. Please note that even if you stop the conversion, the output files will not be deleted. So you have a chance to watch (listen) even incomplete video (audio) files.

How to bear long conversion?
If you plan to convert several movies at once, we recommend to do not start the process if you will work with another programs for a long time. By default, our software takes almost all system resources while converting media, so you may feel uncomfortable while doing something else on computer. That's why we recommend to begin such "long-time" conversions when you don't need computer anymore for today (for example, before bedtime). Just enable the "Shut down computer after conversion" option (Main menu -> Actions -> After conversion). And the program will shut down your PC after all tasks have finished. In the event that you have no choice, and you must work on computer and convert files at the same time, you can change the Priority of converting engine in the settings (Main menu -> Tools -> Preferences -> Conversion tab). Just decrease the priority level, and you will have no problems with performance of your system.

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